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SOAP-n-SCENT | Shampoo Bar | Linette coffee and lemon

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Shampoo bars, environmentally friendly hair care
Did you know that 552 million plastic shampoo bottles are thrown away every year? Beauty is in fact one of the most polluting industries. Plastic-free packaging and natural ingredients are good for the planet! Shampoo bars are naturally
Shampoos in solid bar form and make plastic bottles unnecessary. They were generally used until the forties when alternatives to liquid bottles hit the market! Therefore, the idea is not new!
Compact shampoo bars do exactly the same work as a regular shampoo, but
without aggressive chemicals (silicones, parabens, sulfates) which are found in popular shampoos for drugstores. And natural ingredients make for healthier hair!

- it cleans hair really clean
- lasts longer than normal shampoos
- helps to restore its original condition (texture, porosity, pH)
- helps with greasy hair by reducing the number of washes
- the most environmentally friendly option
- compact and travel-friendly
- contains many natural ingredients
- Vegan and animal testing
- for men and women (just pick your favorite flavor)

For optimum product presentation, the soaps poetry be delivered in a step display with header.
The product information on the package is in German, the display headers can also be provided in other languages.

JOJO and Soap-n-Scent have made it their mission to make the best natural ingredients, exquisite, high quality wellness products.
Fair produced and traded:
Soap-n-cent meets the requirements for safe use of the standards based on the ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions.
Soap-n-Scent is a member of the International Fair Trade Organization
Best quality - natural and vegan
We want to kill any animal for a bar of soap. Therefore we make the soaps with pure plant oils, not hide unlike animal fat, the skin pores. Our basic recipe for most soaps starts with rice bran oil, a great moisturizer. After that, we add local palm oil increases with a high content of oleic acid. This makes the soap an excellent care and cleaning product. Subsequently, palm kernel oil and coconut oil may be added for even more moisture, and a light foam. Finally, we add olive oil as an emollient for the ultimate deep moisturizing effect.
Each soap contains natural glycerin, a byproduct of our own process. This natural glycerin helps to improve the moisture balance of your skin by external moisture to attract and keep moisture in your skin without affecting the natural functions of the skin.
We select only the purest essential oils that not only benefit your skin but also strengthen your spirit through aromatherapy. For our natural soaps we use only natural colors.

Net weight

100 g per Soap Bar

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