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Beeswax cloth Large | 35x35 cm

by Beeskin
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Beeswax cloth Large; 35x35cm. With Beeskin's Large beeswax cloth you can also easily cover large bowls or large fruit pieces. Of course also suitable for smaller objects.

Bee washes are the alternative to household foil. Food stays fresh for longer and you avoid the use of plastic and aluminum foil. Beeskin Beeskin are made by hand from European raw materials, in Berlin.

How to use:
Fold the beeswax cloth around the piece of fruit, the piece of cheese, vegetables, herbs, lunch, open package, cup, bottle, bowl or saucer. If necessary, use your body heat to form the beeswax cloth and close it. In the fridge the beeswax cloth becomes hard and at room temperature the cloth becomes soft and malleable again.

Natural ingredients:
Beeskin attaches great importance to the quality of their beeswax and the ingredients used. Beeskin's beeswax cloth consists of:
  • Cotton (organically certified according to the highest standard) - as a basis,
  • Beeswax (checked for residues of pollutants and pesticides),
  • Tree resin - so it sticks even better
  • Jojoba oil (organic) - to keep the cloth smooth

NB! Not suitable for use with raw fish & meat and pineapple.

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